Computer Craftsmanship

The LME's Computer Craftsmanship project aims to realise affordable computer aided design and manufacture for craft enterprise, and ultimately for everyone. This is a cooperative project, and results are freely available under liberal license.

The first link brings you some background information to set the scene.
* Project Background

Here you will find project results as they appear. First the beginnings of a book on the technical foundations of the project. I want to gather everything in one place, and hopefully make Computer Craftsmanship a recognisable discipline. Currently this just contains a key hexapod machine control algorithm. Craftsman is the codename for the software system - I hope it's not used by too many other packages. The first offerings are parts of the current Pascal system, which is not very portable but may be of interest. The hexapod machine is our candidate for the low cost machine tool architecture the project needs. This is where most of the effort is going at the moment, as the whole project depends on it. A hexapod software model and prototype design information and drawings are available now.
* Technical Foundations
* LME Hexapod Machine
* LME Craftsman System

John Storrs, May 1999

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